The number of college coaches on site is increasing every year

College coaches spend a lot of time scouting their future college players and travel internationally.  


The German Boys & Girls Open offer an optimal platform for the attendance of numerous college coaches due to the appropriate scheduling with regard to the scouting time window and the European importance of the top youth golf tournament.


College Coaches on site 2019


U.S. College Golf goes Europe

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Be part of the U.S. College Golf Experience Camp


For the first time the U.S. College Golf Experience Camp takes place after the "German Boys & Girls Open 2020"


40 international young golfers (girls & boys) aged 14 and older have the opportunity to participate in the two-day camp with 10 U.S. Golf coaches from the top 75 NCAA Division I colleges, get in touch and receive information about a golf college career from them. The camp is accessible to all young golfers and participation is only limited by age, gender, number of participants and the school year.


Date: June 7-8, 2020 --> Location: Golf Club St. Leon-Rot, Germany               

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