New cooperation partner 2021 - Paul Hurrion

Together with an expert in golf biomechanics, putting coaching and putting training aids, Dr Paul Hurrion, we are pleased to provide the participants of this year’s German Boys and Girls Open with a great starting gift to help them practice and improve their putting.


Dr Paul Hurrion was worked with many elite golfers, including Padraig Harrington, Rory McIlroy and Oliver Wilson.


Paul Hurrion’s passion for golf has brought him to the point where he has been accredited by the PGA as a putting expert for several years, thus gaining international recognition for his coaching and research. To find out more, and to read his latest news and tuitions articles, visit


Drawing on his extensive research and experience, Dr Hurrion has created and developed the popular Quintic Ball Roll Systems, the new Quintic Overhead Putt Tracker System as well as a range of Quintic 2D analysis software. Quintic Ball Roll Systems are used worldwide for custom putter fitting and putting coaching services (indoors and outdoors) without any attachments to either the club or the player!


The NEW Quintic Overhead Putt Tracker will track the complete path of the golf ball throughout its journey, measuring parameters such as ball speed, aim location, start direction, apex, point of true roll, total distance and ball entry speed. Further information can be found at


The participants of the German Boys and Girls Open 2021 can look forward to receiving a popular Paul Hurrion putting training aid at the check in for the official registration for the tournament.


We would like to thank Dr Paul Hurrion for the great co-operation.


Dr Hurrion has created a range of putting training aids that are ideal for players of all levels and ability. Details of all the training aids he offers can be viewed online at