The German Boys & Girls Open cancelled due to Coronavirus

Dear players,

Dear parents,

Dear coaches,



the worldwide exceptional situation of the corona crisis continues to be threatening. The Federal Government, together with the federal states, has once again confirmed or extended the contact restrictions that have been decided. This continues to affect the closure of numerous sports facilities in the public and private sectors; at present, most golf courses are still closed.


We naturally understand this decision and regard it as an important safety measure for the population and all those involved. Even though we would like nothing more than to be able to organize tournament golf again from the point of view of the players and organizers, we are of course bound by the respective regulations.


As a result, we evaluate each DGV tournament individually and currently announce at the latest five weeks before the event whether the respective tournament will be restricted or cancelled completely.


As there is currently no clarity about the feasibility of the German Boys and Girls Open 2020 (GBGO) and official regulations do not make tournament golf in Baden-Württemberg b.a.W. possible, the German Golf Association as the organizer sees itself forced to cancel the GBGO for 2020.


The German Boys and Girls Open is particularly distinguished by its international character and a very large and strong field of participants. Due to the current internationally very different travel restrictions and contact restrictions, compliance with the current regulations cannot be guaranteed or controlled.


This decision is guided by the view and with regard to the health of the international and German players, the functional staff and the organization team. Even for the usual large number of spectators and international guests, an implementation would not be plannable and responsible from today's point of view.


The high standard that we are pursuing together with our partner GC St. Leon-Rot, to offer the most attractive European junior tournament with GBGO, will be realized again after the Corona crisis and we are already looking forward to announcing the date of next year's tournament to you and you. The German Boys & Girls Open 2021 will take place from 3rd to 5th June 2021 at the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club.


Together with you and your support and with all of our solidarity we will overcome this difficult time, which is not least of all restricting our sport so massively.


We are already looking forward to welcoming you and all of you to the German Boys and Girls Open in 2021 in St. Leon-Rot on one of the best golf courses in Europe!


Marcus Neumann        Sven Hahnl                                      Eicko Schulz Hanßen

Vorstand Sport              Leitung Turnierorganisation         Geschäftsführer Golf Club St. Leon-Rot