For the first time, young amateur golfers from several European countries met at St. Leon-Rot Golf Club to compete in the Capri-Sonne International Boys and Girls Championships. Therewith the organizers, the German Golf Association and St. Leon-Rot Golf Club, took a big step towards their goal to create an international platform for german players in their own country.

A high-class starting field offered a high sporting level throughout three tournament days, as usually seen only at pro tournaments. The target of the German Golf Association “having a higher class by having more competition” was fulfilled in this case.   

Not only the fantastic competition, but also the cheerful atmosphere among the social program will remain in the guests' memories. 

Many spectators were offered an exciting finish at the finals. The organizers would like to thank the sponsors and players, their trainers and caretakers and also many spectators, giving this tournament an extraordinary frame and making it a sporting high-class event as well as a joyful event.

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