Marieke Nivard and Max Krämer won the German Boys & Girls Open 2008 with spectacular final rounds on the championship course “St.Leon”. Both winners fought for a great advance during their last round and capured the victory.

On the first day the later winner Marieke Nivard (NED) already called attention with a round of 67 shots and took the lead by four shots in front of Nicola Rössler (GER) and Victoria Scherer (GER).

In the boys competition Sondre Ronold (NOR) shoot a 67 as well and got in the lead of the strong number of participants, followed by Jan Ryba (CZE) with 69 shots and Max Krämer (GER), Maximilian Walz (GER), Marcel Schneider (GER) and Benjamin Weilguni (AUT) with 70 shots.

162 participants from 16 nations started at the German Boys & Girls Open 2008, but only 20 girls and 40 boys got the chance to fight for the title on the final day. After the second round on the championship course “St.Leon” Benedict Staben (GER) and Joachim Brandt Hansen (DEN) took the lead by three shots under par. Max Krämer, Dann Huizing (NED) and Jan Ryba shared the third place with -2.

In the girls competition Nicola Rössler played a 69 in the second round and ran to the top of the field in front of Sophia Popov and Marieke Nivard with one shot more. After two rounds of 71 shots Victoria Scherer the acting german champion under 14 years ranked on position 4.

Exactly 20 girls and 44 boys qualified for the final day, the cutline for the girls was +8 and +5 for the boys. Strong rain and storm fronts passed the Golf Club St.Leon-Rot during the tournament week, but on the final day they caught the German Boys & Girls Open very heavy.

Directly after the birdie firework of Max Krämer and Marieke Nivard the tournament direction had to interrupt the game for about 1 ½ hours. Strong hailstorm and lightnings swept over the course, but thanks to the tournament direction and their good performance all players arrived savely at the halfway house.

Temporarily, it was not sure, if the players could finish their last round, but after the break assistants brought the players back to their last hole. When you look at the course of the game and especially the scores it was very important to finish the last round or find a fair solution for the leading players.

After Max Krämer started with a bogey on the first hole and added birdies on 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12, he took the lead with eight shots under par and four shots in front of Maximilian Röhrig, who already finished his final round.

Marieke Nivard still had three shots after the break and although they both made a bogey on the 17th hole nobody could stop them on their way to their first international victory. Sophia Popov and Maximilian Röhrig got second with -3 and -4 in front of Victoria Scherer and Joachim Brandt Hansen with the same total scores.

General manager Eiko Schulz-Hanßen and the president of the EGA Marion Thannhäuser paid homage to the successful winners on the 18th green.


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