The history of the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club dates back to 1996, when the club was officially opened by Dietmar Hopp, one of the founders of SAP. But can we really talk about a history after a mere 10 years or so? We think so, because so much has happened since then. Just a short while later, on 26 April 1997, the golf paradise opened and club president Dietmar Hopp hit the first ball on the “Rot” 18-hole championship course designed by architect Hannes Schreiner.


In the same year the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club became the 500th golf club to be accepted into the German Golf Association (DGV). An inspired choice indeed by the people in charge at the DGV, as the golf club with the memorable number 500 would go on to set new standards in German golf.

The St. Leon-Rot Golf Club quickly became a popular venue for major international golf tournaments, hosting events such as the Deutsche Bank - SAP Open, which has since become one of the legendary professional tournaments on the European Golf Tour. This tournament first saw the light of day on our Rot course – just two years after we opened our doors for the first time. This four-day highlight attracted some 60,000 golf fans from all over the world, who watched enthralled as golf star Eldrick “Tiger” Woods make his unforgettable debut in Europe. Now undisputedly the best golfer of our time, Tiger Woods confidently saw off all his competitors in every one of his appearances - in 1999, 2001 and 2002 - taking the title each time.

The Deutsche Bank - SAP Open took place on the St Leon course for the first time in 2002. This course was the work of internationally renowned designer Dave Thomas, who created stadium-like landscaping around the fairways to enable spectators to follow their favourite players’ every step and every stroke and to give professional golfers the chance to enjoy a unique live atmosphere and soak in the rapturous applause of the thousands of spectators.

Many major national and international tournaments have been played on the courses at the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club over the years.

Besides the Deutsche Bank - SAP Open we have also hosted the German Ladies’ Team Championship and the annual President’s Prize. An internationally renowned tournament for young players from all over the world - the German International Boys and Girls Amateur Championships powered by Capri-Sonne - was established here in 2004. This tournament was held for the fourth time last year under its new name, the Capri-Sonne German Boys and Girls Open, and is already a permanent fixture on the international golf scene. Titel sponsor since 2010 is the Allianz AG.

Opinions still differ as to which of our two championship courses is the better. There is very little to choose between the Rot and St. Leon courses as far as sportsmanship and the huge variety of water obstacles are concerned. Various surveys place Rot - the older of the two - slightly ahead. In 2000 the German publication GolfMagazin officially ranked Hole 9 on Rot - now Hole 18 on St. Leon following a revamp - as one of the “Top 500 holes in the World”. This accolade was to be followed by several more. The readers of the Golf Journal, for example, have voted Rot the Best Golf Course in Germany in its Travel Award five times in succession since 2001.

Over the past few years the driving range has been revamped several times and the golf facilities have been further enhanced by extensive new plantings and new bunkers. We have also added an impressive Pro Shop. The St. Leon-Rot Golf Club also made a little bit of (club) history in 2005 when our Bambini course opened.

Very much part of the history of the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club is the international reputation we have enjoyed for many years. St. Leon-Rot has become a favourite of a great many golfing personalities and celebrities. Thus we have made firm friends with numerous local and international figures, who are now members of the club’s big family.

The  EUROPEAN GOLF ASSOCIATION  was founded during a meeting held in Luxembourg on the 20th of November 1937.

The Association declares as its foundation the observance of the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status as laid down by the R&A.

The Association concerns itself solely with matters of an international character. Membership is restricted to European National Amateur Golf Associations, Federations or Unions.


The Association is presently composed of 49 member countries and is governed by the Exeutive Committee (10 members), the Championship Committee (12 members), the Professional Technical Committee and the EGA Handicapping & Course Rating Committee.

The Deutsche Golfverband (DGV), founded in 1907 by eight golf clubs, represents 770 member clubs and golf courses with more than 575.000 registered amateur golfers as governing body of the organized golf sport in Germany.

The DGV is member of the Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund (DOSB). It is among the fastest growing sport associations. The annual growth in 2008 alone was over 4%.

Following the bylaws the Deutsche Golfverband supports and governs the golf sport in Germany. This support includes popular golf as well as top amateur players.

The DGV organizes national und international Championships an offers a country wide golf league system.


The DGV teaches trainers for all levels of golf activities and governs and controls the rules of golf in Germany.

Aside of the traditional responsibilities the DGV considers itself as a modern support organisation for its members with a clear mandate to develop the golf sport in Germany.

At the same time the DGV takes into account the unique quality of the golf experience and the traditional golf values like the rules, the golf etiquette and the classical social club life.