German Boys & Girls Open


4 - 6 June 2020



Outstanding partnership for the last 10 years

very thankful we look back on a 15 year history of the German Boys & Girls Open with a 10 year lasting partnership with our main partner Allianz.


Our excellent partnership exceeded all the expactions and made the positive groth of the tournament possible.

The German Boys & Girls Open are now one of the biggest and most important tournaments in junior golf all over Europe – thank you to Allianz to help making that possible as our main partner!!!


After a whole decade it is well understandable that both sides position themselves anew what led to the end of the partnership.


An eventful era comes to and end and we are looking forward to an exciting and promising future of the German Boys & Girls Open.


Thank your very much to all of the Allianz represantatives who participated in reaching our corporate targets.