The World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR)

The World Amateur Golf Ranking™ (WAGR™), which comprises a women’s ranking (WWAGR™) and a men’s ranking (MWAGR™) for elite amateur players, is offered by The R&A and the United States Golf Association as a global service to golf.  Through incorporation and assessment worldwide of both amateur and professional events, WAGR™ encourages the international development of the competitive game.


WAGR™ endeavours to be the most comprehensive and accurate ranking in golf by effectively comparing players from around the world who may never directly compete against one another.  WAGR™ is available to national federations and organiser of amateur and professional events and tours as a criterion for tournament field selection and for purposes of exemptions, national team selection, and orders of merit.


A Counting Event is an event, stroke play, stableford or match play, amateur or professional, selected and approved by the Committee to count for WAGR® . Counting Events must be played under the Rules of Golf, the Rules of Amateur Status, and the Equipment Rules of The R&A and USGA. Holes and tee-markers must be in proper championship positions appropriate for the relative field.


In 2019 the German Girls Open where an Category A tournament in the WAGR®, the Boys where listed in Category C.


Now in 2020 theres a new ranking system: The Power is determined by the current ranking positions in WAGR®, OWGR or Rolex rankings of the starting field's players. The highest possible power with only amateurs in the field is 1000, while the highest Power of a professional event could reach 3000. Unranked players will be assigned a contributing value below the lowest ranked player in the applicable rankings.


We're looking forward of how the German Boys and Girls Open will be ranked this year.

Eligibility over WAGR®:

In 2021, 15 girls and 15 boys can qualify via their rank in the WAGR® list. Players must be in the top 1250 for girls and top 1500 for boys.


The best registered 15 girls and the best 15 boys from the WAGR® list (top 1250 girls / top 1500 boys) will thus receive a starting place at the German Boys and Girls Open.

Date of list: 18.05.2021


You will find alleligibility requirements and criteria hereor in the announement.