So eventful the 13th Allianz German Boys & Girls Open 2016 came to an end (tournament was abandoned and two first places at the German Girls Open were awarded) - the preparations for the 14th edition continue. We promise some news!   read more ...

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For all golf fans and people generally interested in sports alike, from the 3rd – 5th June 2016 there lies a great opportunity ahead to experience top-level golf live once again. St. Leon-Rot Golf Club is pleased to invite you to one of the biggest and most prestigious youth golf tournaments in Europe: the Allianz German Boys and Girls Open 2016.

This tournament, which was first held in 2004, continues to gain international importance over the years due to the ever-increasing sportive quality as well as the professional organisation; last year´s tournament featured the best group of participants ever.

For this reason the tournament in 2016 promises to be both fascinating and high-class. We are curious if the record amount of 21 participating countries (2014) will be beated so we can welcome the best young players of a lot of more different countries at St. Leon-Rot Golf Club.

Not only due to the high-class performances of the young players the Allianz German Boys and Girl Open 2016 promises to be a spectacular event. 

St. Leon-Rot Golf Club utilises this tournament once again to promote the sport of golf and will come up with a number of fringe events for the big final on Sunday. Among others, the Open Day (10am – 5pm) will include attractions like bullriding, bungee-trampoline, a crane with a spectacular view of the course, tours around the course, free golf lessons for everyone and a fair including a flying swing, bouncy castle and can throwing. Frank Adamowicz, both coach of St. Leon-Rot Golf Club and a skilled co-commentator of many golf broadcasts, will analyse and comment the big final live on stage at the 18th green. Admission is free for all spectators.

Have fun at the 13th Allianz German Boys & Girls Open!

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