The field of participants for the 19th German Boys & Girls Open is fixed!

The field for the 19th German Boys and Girls Open has been finalised and promises to be a top-class golf tournament. We eagerly await the arrival of over 220 talented players from 29 nations. This international diversity will undoubtedly make the tournament an exciting and global event.


Over the years, the German Boys and Girls Open has established itself as one of the most prestigious junior golf tournaments, attracting young golf talent from all over the world. Participants will test their skills and abilities on two challenging golf courses, "St. Leon" and "Rot", as they compete for victory.


In addition to the talented young golfers, the tournament will also feature over 35 college coaches from various prestigious universities. These coaches will take the opportunity to observe the players and possibly identify promising talent for their teams. It is a unique opportunity for the participants to showcase themselves to an international audience and potential college coaches.


There is great anticipation for the tournament as it provides a platform to observe the future of golf and support young athletes on their way to success. 


The 19th German Boys and Girls Open promises exciting competition, a unique international atmosphere and the chance to see young golf talent up close. We look forward to seeing the outstanding performances of the players and to welcoming them to the golf course.